Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Disarray

There are Saturdays like the ones you see in commercials on TV, gloriously full of things like family outings to the farmer's market, soccer games in which your child's team wins in a shut-out, and maybe a walk on the beach with the dog, whose coat is especially lustrous in the late afternoon sun. And then there are what I think of as "maintenance Saturdays," in which the house is such a disaster and the laundry pile so high that you don't know where to start, and as soon as you finish your coffee you wonder if it's too early to have a Bloody Mary. Today, for me, is the latter. Here's the haiku I wrote:

my desk is a mess
dishes clutter the counter
mirroring my mind?


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  2. and your haiku is me...everyday. thanks : )
    and btw, i LOVE your blog. i love your writing and i love how this makes you notice every day. thank you sarah. i'm totally blessed.
    love, patty

  3. Oh yes. All Mums have those days. Sometimes, my darling husband comes home and helps me with it. He can see I haven't been able to see where to start. Amazingly, it takes him only 30 minutes to tidy everything. Meanwhile, I've been staring at it all day, thinking its beyond my capabilities. Probably on those days, better we pretend we're just visiting and its not our house.

  4. When I have days like that I phone tech support in India