Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beaucoup de Sushi

Time was when David and I used to take Schuyler and Willem out for sushi and it was so cute. They'd sit at the bar with us, their little feet dangling, and drink miso soup straight from the bowl. They'd struggle with their chopsticks, and with great determination would manage to grab a few bites of yellowtail or octopus sashimi. No more. I think we've created monsters. Now 16 and almost 13 years old, they have mastered the chopsticks, and the yellowtail sushi and eel rolls disappear almost as soon as Taku or Hiro hands them over. I took the boys to San Shi Go tonight and the bill for the three of us was rather eye-popping. Next time we go, I may encourage them to snack a little beforehand!

hungry teenage boys
plus a sushi bar equals
a BIG dinner check

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