Monday, March 22, 2010

Bluebird Canyon

We've lived in Bluebird Canyon for a year now, and it's beautiful and quiet and I love it. But I have yet to see a single bluebird. What gives?

I watch mockingbirds
chase crows while a hawk soars, but
where are the bluebirds?

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  1. Whenever I see an oakless Oak Street or drive down an elmless Elm Street, I am reminded of the sad lyrics of Storyhill's "Paradise Lost" (Chris and Johnny writing about the transformation of the land outside their hometown of Bozeman, Montana):

    "Everybody wants a piece of paradise -
    A house upon a hill, with a view of heaven.
    Now everyone's here, so close together
    Paradise is lost, and gone forever.

    When we were young we used to walk out in those fields
    And run forever in the backyard woods.
    Now the old trails disappear in neighborhoods,
    With streets named after what's gone for good..."

    I am not being an anti-development Luddite, but sometimes it is sad to think of all that has been lost from the American landscape.